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I watch as your right hand continues rubbing your little clit, and your left hand moves to your opening, your index and middle fingers sliding in and out of your young puss Footjob High Elf × High School Shiro × Kuro Adultery, There you are, your white cotton panties around your ankles, your red plaid skirt hitched up around your waist, your white shirt slightly unbuttoned, your red tie astray, Then you blush and tell m you've fit a carrot inside you you before, and you've always wanted something bigger, When I babysit and change diapers, the little boys don't get like that,” you say, completely confused, “can I see one?”

My eyes widen and I quickly utter the first thing that comes to mind: “Don't they show you that stuff in sex ed?”

You shake your head and remind me you go to a Catholic school, which I enrolled you in myself

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