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part 2
as i lay in my bed with only my t shirt and panties on i felt uneasy as i lay there it felt like someone was watching me, so i went to my computer and look up vampires as i was fascinated by them
i started to feel sleepy so i turned off my computer and went to bed I fell asleep

I suddenly awoke not knowing why but i opened my window to get some fresh air
so i laid down in my bed again I wished to become a vampire i thought it would be so cool to be able to fly and have so many powers !!
then i heard a voice in my head and it said ” don’t be scared i have heard your thoughts and i can make your wish come true ” i said ” who are you ” and the voice said ” i am one of the few vampires left in the world ” so i said “so can you turn me into a vampire ” the voce said ” yes i can turn you, but in return you must bare my child ” i said ” but i can’t i haven even started to have my period yet ” and the voice said ” i have the power to make your body able to bare a child ” and I said ” and then my parents will notice that my belly is bulging out ” so the voice said ” they will only see you as you are now, as that is how powerful I am”

so i thought about it for a minuet and said ” i guess i could bare a child for you , ok lets do it” and the voice said ” just say Andrew and ill appear ”
so i said ” Andrew ” and right in front of me he appeared he was handsome he stood 6' 1″ with hot sexy muscles and i could see a tent in his pants
he told me to take off my clothes i was nervous so i did it slowly
then he took off his shirt and pants
then he told me to lie down on my bed as he got on top of me then i seen his cock it had to be at least 10 inches , he lined up the head of his dick with my pussy which I now felt was wet , very wet
he pushed his head just past the lips of my slit he came against my cherry and he told me it was going to hurt like hell for a minute i told i know and told him to take it slow
as he started to push he big cock inside me i felt him pushing against my cherry and then it tore it felt like a hot nail in my pussy i started to cry
he told me to hold still until the pain stopped
then i told him the pain was almost gone so he started to push in and pull out it felt like bliss
he got to the point where he was all the way to the hilt of his dick oh god i was so tight but it felt so good his dick was so big and so hot
and then i felt that felling , i was going to cum
i told him i was cuming and he picked up the pace as a orgasm shot through my body
my pussy muscles clamped down on his big dick but he still pounded into me like a jackhammer
oh god it was so good, then i gasped as he grabbed my left tit and started to play with it as he pinched and rolled my nipple between his fingers

and all of a sudden i felt that feelining i was going to cum again
i told him i was going to cum and he told me he was close too
had the he came and shot load after load of hot gooey cum which in turn sent me over the edge

after we both came down from our orgasms he asked me ” are you ready to become a vampire ” i hesitated for a moment and said o… , i went to my room after that so i could get some 'relief' from the wetness in my bikini bottom that is when i looked in my brothers room and seen my brother rubbing one out on his bed, i was a early bloomer as my mom was at 10 , this is a story how my life changed forever
I’m Lana

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