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Hentai: Flan-chan Hajimete no ♥♥♥

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I cast mine burdens
Yon o'er dale
And set out ye yonder to dry
And yon viilage wench doth squeezeth my scrotum
And caused upon me to yank
Mine shaft of stiffened groin based piss whistle
And sucking thoust tang from wang
Gee I gotta say unto thee
Put a sock on it
In Brazil
Put a sock on it
In South Dakota
Put a sock on it
In Jerry Jeff Walker's house
Put a sock on it
O'er thine hill and dale
Thost putith thine sock upon it
Yet she had upon her
The lesbo gonococci
He had upon him
A big gonococcus
His sack
Was packed with man ointment and gonococcus
Short on sleep
Thine long on sack
Big gonococcus
Taste ye of bile and bitters
Of filth and the lesbo gonococci
Packed with man ointment and gonococcus
Bazooka , , ,

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